10 ft Kimber PK10 Palladian 15A power cord for sale



Selling my trusty 10 ft PK 10 Palladian power cord. I have used and been happy with this cable for a number of years, but have moved to a power conditioner for which the manufacturer strongly recommends that no additional filters be in series with it. I'm not sure exactly what the in-line box not the cable does, but it is hard to imagine it is not some sort of filter. Hence the sale. The cable does have some cosmetic flaws and I have rated it as "average" as I don't want anyone to be disappointed. There is a pinch in the outer jacket at one location, and the jacket has a small gap at the IEC connector end (see photo). Functionally, the cable is perfectly fine and was is use until I installed the new power conditioner. Please contact me if there are any questions, and thanks for looking