Fire Phoenix Series Powercord - 6 ft / 15 amp IEC



I am selling nice used VooDoo power cables. Fire Phoenix Series Powercord - 6 ft / 15 amp IEC / US AC Plug. I also have a 15 to 20 amp IEC connector by VooDoo I can sell as well if it's needed.( not Pictured )

This is for 1 cables but I have up to 4 available. Free shipping and PayPal if you buy all 4

Additional Information:

Mar 19, 20 7:06am
"The new Fire Powercord delivers refined harmonic resolution and vivid soundstage transparence throughout the entire dynamic range. The Fire Powercord is especially suitable for high-current power amps (200+ wpc) for an ultra-quiet background for vivid soundstage imaging and accurately controlled dynamics. When used with source components such as CD/SACD/DVD transports and DACs, the Fire renders the subtlest nuance of sonic detail and micro dynamics in the musical presentation."