( 302985953366 )Dynaudio OCOS Ultra triple speaker cables , NextGen silver spades at both ends!



Dynaudio OCOS  Ultra speaker cables at 3M in length. Those of you hifi audiophiles who know what these are, here is a rare opportunity to get the sought after cables with Nextgen silver spades on both ends. All sales are final. The item is exactly as described and pictured. This is a non smoking home with no kids. No disappointments. Merry Christmas. Any questions feel free to through inbox or on Can U S A . Contact me for an accurate shipping quote. I will not go through the check out shipping as it's not accurate in price and also adds extra charges . 


Loudspeaker Cable

Model: Ocos
  • Available in various lengths
  • Dynaudio Ocos One, Ocos loudspeaker cable with one single run for high quality high-end hi-fi systems
  • Dynaudio Ocos Pro, dual runs of Ocos cable for premium grade high-end systems
  • Dynaudio Ocos Ultra, three runs of Ocos cable for ultimate performance high-end systems
  • Terminated on both ends with gold cable-plated end sleeves or with WBT nextgen™ banana plugs or spades