Altis Reference DAC 音频解码器


The Reference DAC is the 4 tube (6189/12au7) model which has more than enough output (+20db) to drive a passive preamp if you wish. Sonically, this DAC is sublime. This DAC retailed for $14,000 USD when new in 1998. I had the DAC fully serviced and all electrolytics replaced/upgraded in 2017 so it is good to go for many, many more years. Jerry Ozment was the designer of the DAC. I have a variety of rare NOS tubes for it that are for sale and can be discussed. This was a piece I swore I would never sell, but my listening habits have changed as I have spent a lot of effort and funds to build a streaming server system that is satisfactory, so this piece doesn't get played anymore. It deserves to be with someone who still enjoys playing CD's. The maximum sampling rate is 48K, so it will also work with digital inputs like Blu-ray players.