CROWN Studio Reference II放大器



The stunning realism you will experience when listening to a Crown Studio Reference II amplifier will redefine your expectations. The evolution of this studio standard ushers in a new era of powerful, ultra-quiet amplifiers capable of faithfully reproducing the most demanding of signals.

Studio Reference amplifiers integrate several cutting edge technologies that make them the most accurate reference amplifiers available. For example, in Stereo mode each channel can actually be treated as a separate amplifier because of its separate high-voltage power supplies and ultra-low crosstalk. Crown’s unconventional Grounded Bridge™ circuitry delivers incredible voltage swings without using stressful output transistor configurations like other more traditional amplifiers. This results in significantly lower distortion and superior reliability.

  • Patented ODEP® (Output Device Emulation Protection) circuitry detects and compensates for overheating and overload to keep the amplifier working when others would fail.
  • IOC® (Input/Output Comparator) circuitry immediately alerts you of any distortion that exceeds 0.05% to provide dynamic proof of distortion-free performance.
  • PIP™ (Programmable Input Processor) connector accepts accessories that tailor your amplifier to suit specific applications.
  • Extremely wide dynamic range.
  • Ultra-high damping factor delivers superior loudspeaker motion control for the cleanest, tightest bottom end you’ve ever felt—or heard.
  • Super-low harmonic and intermodulation distortion give your amplifi er the best transfer function in the business.
  • Two mono modes (Bridge-Mono and Parallel- Mono) for driving a wide range of load impedances.
  • Custom-designed, tape-wound, low-noise toroidal supplies.